The answers to the questions

Below we try and answer any recurring questions we have had from users. If there is anything you think we can add then let us know.

Slider won't slide

To make the slider automatically slide, you need to make sure that you have turned ON the 'timer' from the block options.

I don't have all of the bundled blocks

We are regularly updating the theme and blocks. If you do not appear to have something available then you may need to make sure your theme is up to date by checking your install page on your site.

Can not access the top level link on mobile navigation

On mobile view ports the navigation changes slightly. To access sub navigation links, you need to click on the top level link. This means however that the top level link does not send you to that page. In this case, you may need to consider adding a sub page under the top level which holds the content. You can then set the 'Replace Link With First in Nav' attribute on the top level link so from a desktop, this will automatically open your first link in the sub navigation.

Top Bar Navigation not tall enough for my logo

There is a new custom template called 'Top Bar Tall' that you can use. To enable this; in edit mode, simply select the auto-nav block and click 'custom template' the change to 'Top Bar Tall'. This allows for a logo up to 100px tall.